Exploring Connections: Artwork by Radhika Mathews

A blue and gold-toned abstract painting with pieces of a silk sari attached to itUntitled #3, acrylic and silk on canvas

Radhika Mathews currently lives and works in Newton Massachusetts. She uses her artwork as a means of exploring connections between objects, environments, people, and experiences. In some of her recent work, Radhika uses scrap material originating from traditional Indian saris to explore her own personal cultural background.


A dark-coloured abstract painting that imitates patterns in traditional batik dyeingTHANNI, acrylic on wood panel

Most of Radhika’s works are abstractions, looking more at colour and texture than figures. I enjoy the rough, heavy texture that tends to prevail in Radhika’s works – it looks like she is using a very large brush, or perhaps even sponges, palette knives and other less traditional materials to play with the manipulation of paint. In some works, it looks as though she has textured the canvas before painting on it, creating a rigid pattern of texture that echoes a pattern that might be found on a textile sample – including the small square cuts of saris that decorate some of the works. 


Front page screen capture of Radhika Mathews' websiteThe front page of Radhika's website

An abstract painting with rough stripes of white paint on a dark backgroundUntitled, acrylic and japanese paper on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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