Loving Portraiture by Graham Hall

A realistic portrait of a woman with blonde hair and glasses on wood panelJohanna Heldebro, acrylic on wood panel

Montreal artist Graham Hall is an accomplished painter and illustrator, jumping between styles and subjects with apparent ease. Graham’s style ranges from cartoonish, quickly done line art in his drawings, to very smooth realistic portraits and clean, geometric lines.


An abstract geometric painting with a honeycomb pattern covering the substrateMorpeheon, acrylic on wood panel

All of Graham’s work is wonderfully expressive, and it’s nice that it doesn’t lose anything when it becomes more polished. In Graham’s gallery of experimental works on his website portfolio, he showcases some portraits that he’s done based on high school yearbook photos. I love these drawings because they’re so loose and yet they manage to fully capture the essence of each individual – perhaps better even than the original yearbook photos did!


A pen and ink drawing of a corner shop front in MontrealDepanneur (Marche Bernard), pen and ink on duralar

I really appreciate Graham’s loving portraiture. Each work is titled with the full name of the subject, and the subjects appear on backgrounds that I can assume are things important to each individual. Most of his subjects are pictured smiling as well, which is lovely. 


A screen capture of Graham Hall's website on the portrait gallery pageGraham's portraits on www.grahamhall.ca

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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