Bright, Intimate Family Photography by Alison King

A partially coloured photo of a young girl wearing a ladybug costumeUntitled

Alison King creates her photographic works under the company name of Kensington Photographic . An editorial photographer by trade, Alison is constantly taking photos of people and places in her job as well as her personal artistic practice. On her website at she showcases this work in an image gallery full of bright, intimate family photography.


A photograph of a young girl wearing pink with a crown of flowersUntitled

Many of Alison’s photos of her website are of young children. She equally favours both candid and posed photography, and always manages to capture the happy innocence of her youngest subjects. In her family portraits, the subjects always appear smiling and happy. Alison personalizes each of her photo’s to the client’s specifications, providing a unique and personal photography experience and result.


A screen capture of Alison King's photography

I especially like Alison’s black and white photography – it seems like these photos will serve as dignified, heartfelt keepsakes for many years after their subjects have grown and changed. 


A photograph of a father holding his daughter upUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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