Individuality Within Culture: Art by Prav Pillay

A photograph of a banner of a wolf's eyes hung over an urban tunnel"Wolf" - Witness series, digital print installation

Today we’re looking at the artwork of Prav Pillay. Working as a curator, researcher, and educator as well as a practicing artist, Prav explores the ideas of individuality within culture, technological advancement, and our own changing relationship with our earth. The artist has a background in studying science with art, biochemistry in particular, and has lived and traveled all over the world, gathering experience of different cultures and societies.


A billboard covered in printed pieces of one larger image, a family portraitDesire for Sale, digital billboard print

A photograph of several young children sitting in a grassy areaSpoiled Goods, C-print

Focusing on changes in humanity’s dependence on, yet distance from, non-living earth and nature Prav’s works are process-based and explorative. In one “social” art piece, Witness, the artist creates an image of a pair of eyes, a wolf’s face watching fiercely from various locations where he has placed the eyes. The work portrays the natural world as watching less protectively than viciously and with apprehension. In another, the gallery space is transformed into a production facility, retail shop and design studio intended to change the viewer’s perception of the process of art.


Prav’s writing and research on these and more works are available on


A screen capture on Prav Pillay's website of an outdoor art projectWind Sutra, on Prav's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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