Moods and Memories: Art by Amy D. Graham

An artwork composed on paint and layered cardboard sheets, with images of chairs on themBack Shed Chair, mixed media

Amy D. Graham’s painted and mixed-media works focus more on capturing moods and memories than on realistically depicting their subjects.


An abstract image with swirled pencil marks and shades of brown and greyEva's Toy, mixed media on pizza box

Her works often remind me of old houses, where scraps of ornate pattern and colour mix together with bare cardboard, like wallpaper peeling off an old wood wall. Amy tends to oscillate between simple, impressionist paintings, and more complex and frenetic mixed-media collages. I like that she often paints on cardboard, and even has a full series of works on pizza boxes. The fragmentary, memento-like style of her work flourishes on this thoroughly un-precious material.

A screen capture of Amy D. Graham's

I am particularly fond of Amy’s landscape works, which are for all intents and purposes, abstractions, yet still manage to capture the very specific look and feel of rocky cliffs, wooded green areas, mountain ranges, and more. Her use of collaged textures and wide, coarse brush marks somehow meshes perfectly with smooth gradients of green and blue as sky and ground.  


An abstract "landscape" painting with texture and whitish pink colourUntitled


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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