Studio Sunday: Tracey Emin

A photograph of Tracey Emin looking thoughtful in her studio


Today’s Studio Sunday artist is Tracey Emin. Tracey is part of a loosely collected group of artists known as the Young British Artists, a term applied to those who graduated from England’s Goldsmith College in the late 1980’s and have enjoyed surging popularity in the art world ever since.


Tracey’s works are in many different mediums, from drawing and painting to needlework and textile art, to large installations and video pieces. In her work she often uses her personal life and events therein as inspiration and subject matter, disclosing much of what some might consider “private” in the process of creating and showing her artwork.


In this photo, Emin’s studio looks like a very nice place to work. Check out all the different colours of paint she has, arranged very neatly on the table in front of her. It would be great, instead of rummaging through drawers to find the correct colour, to just have them all right in front of you. From where the shot is taken it looks like Emin has a full spectrum of different coloured neon tubes, just little strips wired to a vertical structure, perhaps as sample colours for her neon works. Not only would it be really cool to get to work in neon, but imagine creating a painting and being able to see what it looked like under any colour of light!


In December 2011, Emin was appointed professor of drawing the prestigious Royal Academy art school, becoming one of two female professors to be hired since the school’s inception in 1768. Emin currently lives and works in London, England. 

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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