Bright, Jazzy Pastel Works by Marilyn Riopel

An abstracted pastel drawing of a city skylineMusic Series - Gotham, pastel and gershwin

Today’s featured artist is Marilyn Riopel! Marilyn was born in New York to a creative family, but it wasn’t until her art career took her to Canada that she discovered her love for the medium of pastels. Marilyn’s bright, jazzy pastel works sometimes echo landscapes, and other times are abstract, expressing musical themes. I’m really impressed with the amount of deep, saturated colour that Marilyn manages to squeeze out of this medium, particularly in her Music and Fantasy series, where she works primarily in abstraction.


A pastel drawing of a dense, blue-toned forestAutumn, pastel

A pastel image of some bottles lined up beside each otherShadow, pastel

The artist seems to have a couple distinct styles of working – one is a frenetic shower of brush strokes that look as if the canvas is a windswept plain of grass. Another is smoother, using large rounded shapes of colour. This second style is much more subdued and works well for her series of Bottle paintings, where she captures the vessels in a state of display, the location mysterious.


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A screen capture of the front page of Marilyn Riopel's websiteThe front page of Marilyn's painting website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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