Small but Expressive Sculptures by Isaac Cordal

A photo of several sculpted old men wading through a puddleCasus Pacis

Isaac Cordal creates his artworks by producing tiny sculptural figures – small middle-aged business men, it appears, and placing them in concrete or industrial urban areas. The result is figures that look utterly overwhelmed in their space, even while expressing a certain amount of humour about the situation.


A photo of a tiny sculpted figure sitting atop a power box on the side of a buildingArtscape 2014

Cordal’s small but expressive sculptures attempt to work through the absurdity of modern urban living, as well as looking the average city-dwellers’ relationship to nature and the environment. Many of the scenes that Cordal’s figures are placed in are zoomed in bits of strange ephemera that would often be overlooked by a person rushing through their every day.


I love the way that Cordal photographs his sculptures in place, and then leaves them there for people to stumble upon. It would be a great little moment of joy to find one of these sculptures in my city!


A photo of a small sculpted figure in a tiny boat on a beachBeaufort04

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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