Illustrated Crystalline Structures: Karina Eibatova

An illustration of a universe sliding off the side of a tableEverything is Possible

These illustrated crystalline structures are by artist Karina Eibatova. Born in Russia and now based in London, Eibatova’s works focus on the spiritual and hopeful aspects of nature. She has a particular interest in crystals, space imagery, and flowers, often combining one or all of these ideas – sometimes with human figures – to create surreal, psychedelic illustrations.


An illustration of two crystal forms on paperAmazonite-Morganite

Eibatova works in a number of mediums, including pen and ink, pencil, printmaking, and even the occasional video piece. I really enjoy Eibatova’s relatively limited colour palette in her works on paper  – her heavy use of purple in the place of simple black line art is rather charming, and adds a very different mood to her simple, stand-alone drawings.


Eibatova has produced illustrations for magazines, as well as custom murals for shops, and album covers for musical artists. Her versatile practice gives her the ability to add a little magic to all of these spaces and publications. 


A drawing of a cantaloupe with the universe inside itLife has Started With the Plants

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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