Custom Art Prints by Vesa Peltonen

A digital print image of a woman floating in calm waterUnder the Water, artist print 

Vesa Peltonen is a an artist of many talents, working in many different areas of the arts including education, design, writing, and of course, visual arts. For today’s artist feature let’s take a look at his custom art prints!


A digital print image of red and purple clouds over a morning landscapeSky Forms in the Morning, artist print 

Vesa uses a unique and interesting style to create his artworks. What looks like photographic images form the basis for his images that seem realistic from a distance, but up close manage to distill the original picture into large blocks of colour and texture, looking almost like an unrefined computer-generated picture. The resulting works are like a contemporary answer to the expressionist paintings of the late 19th century.


Located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Vesa makes it easy for anyone to purchase one of his unique art prints, and even provides images on his portfolio site of works that have been installed in homes and offices. Visit Vesa’s webpage at to learn more and check out more of his artworks. 


A distorted digital image of Koi fish in a pondKoi Fish, artist print

All of the art prints available on Vesa Peltonen's websiteArt prints gallery on Vesa's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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