The Outdoors, Walking, and Maps: Art by Marilyn Joyce

A collage piece made of strips of a cut-up map glued to birch paperIntersections #4, map strips and cold wax on birch ply

Our featured artist today is Marilyn Joyce. Located just outside of Portland, Oregon, Marilyn currently focuses her art practice on the outdoors, walking, and maps. Her soft, evocative drawings on tea-coloured paper offer a nice compliment to her collages of fragmented maps.


An art piece made of different materials collaged on tea-stained paper to look like a map45122e8, ink, tea, coffee, pencil, casein and wax on Arches paper

Marilyn’s map collages look like birch forests, and, fittingly, use birch ply as a base surface. Marilyn’s fascination with maps also manifests in the maps that she has drawn herself, using a variety of materials on watercolour paper to create a look that is in between a realistic, hand-drawn map, and an abstract painting.


A chalk and conte drawing of a small dead birdLittle One #10, ink, charcoal, graphite, Korean watercolour, and wax on tea-stained Arches paper


I love Marilyn’s bird drawings, where she uses a combination of watercolours, charcoal, ink and other materials to capture the earthy brown feathers and fragile posture of the small creatures. The blurred effect that she achieves through bleeding watercolours is really quite lovely. 


A front page screen capture of Marilyn Joyce's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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