Charcoal, Typography, and Jewelry Design: Gamelle Fitzgibbon

A charcoal drawing of a young Afghan boyEffects of War series: Afghanistan, charcoal and conte on paper

Gamelle Fitzgibbon is an artist and designer who is especially interested in charcoal, typography, and jewelry design. She is also our featured artist for today! Gamelle’s charcoal works express a variety of subjects, ranging from figures and portraits in her Effects of War series - serious portrayals of the ravages of conflict – to her Contemporary Eros series which takes a slower, more pleasing approach to the human figure.


A photograph of a dog on a clean white beachJust Us, photograph

The artist’s current works feature vibrant pastel colours, where she uses conte and mixed media to portray various outdoor scenes, and the occasional abstract composition. Gamelle’s artistic practice is clearly a lot about exploration, and describing experience – she even has some photography available on her website ( I like that Gamelle has so many different mediums and styles in her portfolio – it gives the viewer a clear picture of an artist who focuses on concepts and feelings, expressing them in as many different ways as possible.  

A screen capture of current works on Gamelle Fitzgibbon's portfolio websiteSelected Current Imagery on

A watercolour painting of birch trees at sunrisePermafrost Sunrise, watercolour and ink on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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