Identity and Technology: Artworks by Wynne Palmer

An installation view of fingerprint made of luminous cable attached to a tree trunkLight Pulse, Galvanized wire mesh, EL wire, "strong" driver, twist ties, duct and electrical tape

Our featured artist today is Wynne Palmer! Wynne’s work uses varied mediums that often come in the form of installations with audio-visual, electronic, and digital components. Many of Wynne’s works focus on senses of identity and technology within a collective consciousness.


A photograph of sea anemones underwater.Polyp, photograph

The front page of Wynne Palmer's art

I can see a thread of interest in WWII and pre-WWII life in a few of Wynne’s works, one which explores the “Keep on and Carry on” propaganda message and the way it has been diluted and distorted through modern uses – and another which explores the use of spy code in the same era. I really like these explorations of different means of communication in a necessarily mistrustful society.


On her portfolio website, Wynne also looks at abstract photography and digital work, which comes as no surprise considering the artist holds two BFA’s – one in graphic design and photography and one in visual art. Wynne is currently an artist in residence with the Vancouver Parks Board in Vancouver, BC. 


An installation view of many iterations of the "Keep Calm, Carry On" sloganObfuscate, digital output to high gloss paper, aluminum clipboards, flashlights

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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