Dancers in Motion: Photography by Luis Pons

A photograph of two ballerinas performing on an underground train platformUntitled

Today’s featured artist is Luis Pons, a photographer who specializes in capturing images of dancers in motion. Luis’ photographs are really beautiful meditations on the acts of both dance, and photography. Luis says in his artist’s statement that his photography began as a way to combat depression and capture a moment of beauty and clarity.

A photo of a ballerina dancing along a seawall in an urban areaBallerina Galen Bolard

I can certainly see how these photographs also spread that happiness and peace onto the viewer. Ballet and Flamenco dancers are captured in various urban environments, both adding a level of aesthetic and personality to the scene, and enhancing the beauty in what is often overlooked. Taken out of their natural settings these dancers look almost supernatural.


In contrast, Luis’ studio photography captures the skill of the dancers, removing the backgrounds and allowing the viewer to focus on the bodies and positioning of the figures. These photos are really stunning to look at – see more on Luis’ website:

A black and white photo of two dancers in a ballet poseUntitled

A screen capture of the front page of Luis Pons' photography

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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