Interactions with Space: Multimedia Works by Shawn Olin Jordan

A photograph of a piece of a car's headlight, with a logo sticker on itVanitas: Shrapnel 4, digital print

This multimedia work is by Shawn Olin Jordan, today’s featured artist. Shawn’s works span a variety of concepts and concerns. I notice a theme of interactions with space, whether that be human interactions that happen in very particular settings, or the manipulation of spaces and settings themselves. Shawn uses the mediums of video, installation, photography, and painting to explore these ideas.


A photograph of a sun-dappled field of green grassSacred not Sacred

I get a sense that Shawn is also interested in the spiritual and how to portray that through imagery. In one photo series, titled Sacred not Sacred, each photo depicts a space where contrast is created, whether by an interesting light pattern, a change in terrain, or small pools of water. I as a viewer can’t help but interpret one space as “sacred” and one as “not,” which creates an interesting exercise in perception.  


A still image of a performance on Shawn Olin Jordan's website
Death of a Canadian Celebrity performance on Shawn's website

Shawn also has documented her performance pieces on her website, both of which open up discussions about interaction and perception. 

A digital photo print with a projected image of a human figureOh, fragile presence..., ink, digital photograph, projected image

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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