Interior Design, Architecture, and Food: Alice Coyle

A photo of a room in a restaurant with modern interior designThe Dickens Room - House of Saint Barnabus, London, design by Grainne Weber Architects

Alice Coyle, our featured artist today, was raised in a family of restaurant owners, hoteliers, and cooks. She is interested in interior design, architecture, and food – and combining the three to great effect.


An architectural sketch of a building in a future collegeThe English Market - College Project

A screen capture of the goodies gallery on Alice Coyle's design websiteA gallery of "goodies" included in Alice's Wrap Artist at The Market project

On Alice’s website,, the artist showcases both finished design work, ongoing projects, and sketches for previous ideas. She has done interior design work for several restaurants and bars in Ireland and the U.K., as well as collaborating with design practice such as Grainne Weber Architects (seen in the top image.) Her designs seem elegant but earthy, with many notes of dark wood and leather creating a warm atmosphere, which is great for a restaurant or cocktail bar. Alice’s architectural works showcase her skill at drafting and creating blueprint designs, a knack for visual planning that crosses over well into all areas of her practice.


Alice also does graphic design work, and examples of this are sleek, modern designs for posters and pamphlets and other information conveyors.  


A graphic design for a restaurant menuDay Menu Cover

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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