Lines and Layers: Drawing by Thea Yabut

An abstract drawing created with various media and types of linesA form of extension, chalk pastel, charcoal, pencil, pencil crayon, paper, wire, string and glue

Today for our artist feature, let’s take a look at the artwork of Thea Yabut! Thea’s practice of abstract drawing uses lines and layers to create images that are both ethereal, and yet endowed with an incredible sense of depth.


A photo of a small wall installation of paper and inkConstant Negotiation, paper, ink, wire

An abstract drawing with layered lines and shapes in black and whiteDrawn Over

Many of Thea’s drawings are almost sculptural, or at least three-dimensional in appearance. Looking at these I can’t help but think of many paper snowflakes bent and layered over each other. The use of charcoal and other dark drawing materials creates false shadows and depth. Thea does explore these methods – rather than simply drawing she’ll often cut, score, tear and reattach bits of paper to the original drawing.


Particularly in installation works, the drawings have the feeling of scraps of paper and other materials that are being examined almost as scientific specimens. Some images on Thea’s website portfolio show these wall-installed drawings, some of which are very small, and seem like strange, beautiful insects pinned to a display board. 


A screen capture from the front page of Thea Yabut's

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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