Create Some Hype: Build Anticipation For Your Art Event

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I always want to share information with my supporters and patrons as it is happening to me. Sometimes I wonder if I could be more strategic as to how and when I release that information- but I just get too excited and it feels good to share good news right? I personally think that it's ok to share your in-progress photos of the new work you are thrilled about or that special moment when you find out you are going to be in a show next year. There is an authenticity in sharing your success as it happens. Just don't stop there. Chances that people are going to see your initial announcements are slim. You need to find ways to keep what you are working toward present in people's minds. 


Here is some great info that I discovered on on creating anticipation for your event and then keeping the hype growing during the lead-up to the big day:


The Venue: Shoot photos of the venue, preferably with you in them: you pointing to a sign or inside talking with the staff. Share on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and your blog.


The Art: Show photographs of your inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest.

Write about your inspiration on your blog. Reveal the work in progress on your art website and share on Facebook.


The Artists: Write blog or Facebook posts about the other artists included in the event.

Compliment the other artists by posting a comment on their Facebook pages that says you’re looking forward to exhibiting with them.


The Temptations: What else might be happening near your event that would pique interest in your followers? Special food? A nearby outdoor concert?

Share this information on all of your platforms (i.e. social media, blog). People are more likely to come from a distance if they know they can make a full day or evening of the effort.

Image source [1]

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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