Geometric Invasions: Digital Art by Cy Tone

A digital image of three white spheres floating over a fieldUnknown Flying Object

Cy Tone is an artist and designer from Italy. His digital works are amazing geometric invasions, where three-dimensional cubes and spheres hover in photographic landscapes.


It’s intriguing the way that Tone manipulates reality – his shapes are often translucent, or they have mirrored surfaces, and while they don’t appear to physically touch the landscapes that they are placed in, they interact in the way that the scene is viewed through them, or on their surface. In the case of a mirrored cube placed in a grassy valley, we are able to see elements of the landscape that we wouldn’t get to see in a regular landscape photo. Tone opens up new angles in each scene.

A digital image of several black cubes floating above a fieldUnknown Flying Object

It’s easy to see how Tone’s graphic and industrial design work would both fit into, and benefit from, a practice like this. These digital models seem like outlets for escaping the confines of real-world design and creating objects from dreams and stories. 


A digital image of a mirrored cube floating above a desertSolid


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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