Complex Imaginary Vehicles by Modestas Malinauskas

A painting of a strange and complicated imaginary shipReach Land

Modestas Malinauskas is a Lithuanian artist who paints amazingly complex imaginary vehicles in dream-like settings. Many of Malinauskas’ paintings look like they could be concept art for a space fantasy novel or a comic book. The detail he achieves in his paintings is incredible – each ship seems to be cobbled together from a collection of scrap materials and sheets of metal, strips of tape and string – they are even occasionally bursting at the seams.


A painting of a strange, dream-like helicopterTraveller

The scenery the ships are flying through is equally odd. Malinauskas favours autumnal, earthy colours in his palette – the vehicles themselves are often the brown of wood or cardboard and flying through red sunsets or forests of dying trees.


Malinauskas also paints these strange landscapes on their own, the stars of the show being his bulbous, fluffy trees with long spindly trunks. The world seems rather friendly in Malinauskas’ paintings, like a good place to have an adventure. 


A painting of a huge wall-like ship with a crack in its sideAfter the Storm

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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