Portals, Altars and Mythological Figures: Art by Chía Ortegón

A contour-line painting of a woman with blue skin in a yellow dressBlank Mood

Today we’re featuring the artwork of Chía Ortegón.  Chía is a prolific artist with her own practice and several collaborative projects on the go.


Many of Chía’s works are self portraits, and the female figure appears in a vast majority of them. Her technique celebrates line, with brightly-coloured figures that are built up using contour lines. Sometimes these lines are echoed in her backgrounds as well, or become overlapping patterns. There is a definite spiritual side to Chía’s work. Portals, altars, and mythological figures make frequent appearances, and her technique always seems meditative.


An image of a portal, with psychedelic colours and a disembodied eyeRainbow Portal

"Morphogenism" page on Chía Ortegón's art websiteChía's "Morphogenism" project on her art website

Aside from two-dimensional works, Chía has also worked in collaboration with another artist to create a collection of wearable art, collaged from fabric and beads. The pieces are mostly necklaces and larger statement collars, each intricately woven and made, once again, with a spiritual side in mind. For instance, one of the pieces is described as attracting friendship and joy. Sounds like a great accessory!


A pectoral fashion accessory made from beads and fabric in the shape of a butterflyPectoral "Luminous Butterfly" Festival Collection

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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