Beachside Shop Fronts: Paintings by Don Bernhardt

A painting of the interior of a boat repair shopBoat Shop

Our featured artist today is Don Bernhardt. Don is a native of the Jersey shore, and his paintings feature loving portrayals of beachside shop fronts and coastlines. The paintings are rich with classic kitsch aesthetics and deep, subdued colours.


A front page screen capture of Don Bernhardt's

Coastlines, shops, and images of boat races dominate Don’s oeuvre, demonstrating great love for his hometown. He creates his works in watercolours, oils, acrylics or a combination of the three. The paintings on Don’s website,, are available for purchase as high quality Giclee prints in multiple sizes.


A painting of a beach on the New Jersey coastNorth End

Don paints in an interesting style. Each image is highly detailed, particularly the shop interiors, which are overflowing with small objects, food items and fish. Sometimes it seems like Don has shifted the perspective in his paintings - this subtle flattening of the image lends a kind of playfulness in all of the scenes. 

A painting of a wooden drawbridge over a small riverDrawbridge

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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