Seasonal Textile Art by Sarah Tremaine

Two hand made knitted pillow casesKnit and Entrelac Pillows, peruvian merino

Sarah Tremaine is a painter, an avid textile artist and our featured artist for today! Based in Charlottesville, Connecticut, Sarah creates works that are both beautiful and functional.


A painting of a flower market in front of an old buildingFlower Market

I really like the way Sarah categorizes her fibre arts into seasons. Whether you’re searching for a light spring scarf, or woolly winter home accessories, Sarah makes it all. The artist mainly uses knitting and felting techniques, and a wide range of different fabrics and fibres, to create these works. Both her decorative and wearable seasonal textile art pieces are available for purchase.


A unique felted scarf in white with green accentsSpring Leaves Nuno Scarf, merino and white silk chiffon

In her painting practice, Sarah tries to emulate an impressionist style, using loose, pastel-coloured brush strokes, oil sticks and chalk pastels to paint scenes of the outdoors. Occasionally she also experiments with full abstraction, tapping into the purely emotional and spiritual side of the painting process.


A screen capture of Sarah Tremaine's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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