Intriguing Installations by Laine Godsey

An installation with some pieces of fabric trapped in a plexiglass boxForced Air

Today let’s take a look at the artwork of Laine Godsey. Laine creates sculptural installation works. On the artist’s website,, the artworks are divided into titled exhibition categories. Each set of sculptures seems to revolve around a specific aesthetic theme.

An installation of bed springs and foam rolled into a "burrito"Bed Burrito

Laine’s works are highly textural, often using found objects including trash and other detritus that might be considered of little value, elevating the materials to a higher status by creating monolithic forms out of them.  In Laine’s most recent collection, Pruning Tips, there is a heavy use of interesting textiles, particularly old fabrics that look like discarded sofa covers or drapes found in the home of a grandparent.


An installation of several items made from foam and hairCreature Comforts

In Blinds, there is a much more palpable essence of natural and animalistic themes, with the use of hair, grass and wood grain. This type of imagery combined with Laine’s somewhat cryptic, almost poetic titles creates the basis for many intriguing installations. 


A screen capture of Laine Godsey's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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