Drippy, Half-Abstracted Paintings by Laura Flowers

A painting of a young girl sitting on a man's shoulders in a forestUntitled, oil on canvas

Laura Flowers creates drawings, paintings and sculptures that beautifully combine abstraction and representation. Drippy, half-abstracted paintings echo the techniques that Laura uses in her drawings, bringing together interesting objects, portraits and styles.


Some of her drawings seem like they might have been ideas for her installations. They have a structure that echoes both the rigid sculptural forms, and the splashy, loose aspects of her paintings.

A very loose oil painting of a nude woman sittingTuesday Night, oil on canvas

A screen capture of the drawing gallery on Laura Flowers' websiteThe gallery of drawings on Laura's website 

Laura’s sculptures are often constructed from everyday objects. Looking through her portfolio I find forms based on toothbrushes, umbrellas and articles of clothing. Oftentimes the artist strings together multiples of a single object to create a larger, abstract form. Other times the lighting in the room comes into play, such as in Shelter, a sculpture composed of an umbrella made with translucent mesh fabric hanging from the ceiling. The umbrella’s shadow creates flower-like geometric shadows on the walls behind it. 


An installation of an umbrella hanging from the ceiling in the corner of a galleryShelter, umbrella, screen and ribbon

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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