Pots for People, Flowers and Pets by Jacqueline Sheridan

A series of ceramic bowls with built-in slots for yarnYarn Bowls, stoneware clay with white speckled or matte black glaze

Jacqueline Sheridan is a potter, and our featured artist of the day! Jacqueline’s website, www.jacquelinesheridanpottery.com, features pots for people, flowers and pets. Jacqueline’s functional art pieces include coffee mugs, bowls, plates and food dishes for pets. She even has a range of special “yarn bowls”, with stylized cracks for yarn to be fed through.

A hollow ceramic ring with holes where flowers can be placedFlower Ring, stoneware clay

The artist crafts her pottery mainly in stoneware or porcelain clay, glazing it with beautiful colours and designs and occasionally adding textures or metallic touches to create truly unique pieces. Her bowls would be equally lovely as kitchen implements or as display-only art pieces. I love the pieces where Jacqueline places a bright, simple design such as flowers or a geometric pattern against a deep, shiny black glaze. The effect is wonderfully striking.


A screen capture of the pots for pets gallery on Jacqueline Sheridan's websitePots for Pets on Jacqueline's website

Aside from creating her ceramic artworks, Jacqueline also teaches pottery to beginners, passing on the art form to a new generation of potters. 


A dog bowl with a stylized whippet in white glaze on a black backgroundWhippet dish, white lichen glaze on black matte background

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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