Adorable Tiny Art by Evan Lorenzen

A tiny book page detailing a major event in human historyThe Mini Book of Major Events (detail)

Evan Lorenzen creates cartoonish illustrations that offer a strange look at pop culture, history and animals. The artist’s recent works focus on black and white depictions of pop cultural figures, and experimentation with different surfaces.

A photo of two tiny tarot cards being held in someone's finger'sTiny Tarot

I’m especially a fan of Evan’s adorable tiny art pieces. These illustrations and book art pieces are whimsical yet amazingly delicate celebrations of everyday life. With titles like “Life’s Lil Pleasures” and “A Field Guide to Cereal,” Lorenzen shows a great sense of humour in the making of these artworks. I’m  impressed by his tiny Tarot deck, a complete set of Tarot cards, approximately the size of a fingernail.


I like the technique that Evan uses in many of his works, where small black dots in varying densities take the place of traditional crosshatch shading.  It lends a graphic, rounded shape to his figures and takes really well to his more colourful works. 


An illustration of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian made more birdlikeKim Krowdashian and Kanye Nest

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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