Digital Sculptures by Maxim Shkret

A digitally rendered three dimensional foxFox

Russian artist Maxim Shkret creates stunning three-dimensional digital renderings of animals and human figures. His unique layered style allows the viewer to focus on every contour of the figure, while adding a tactile, sculptural quality to the otherwise smooth digital work.

A digitally rendered image of a white wolfUntitled

Shkret’s digital sculptures are depicted in close up, with the eyes of the face often serving as the focal point. The artist renders the eyes with a beautiful glassy smoothness. I like the works where Shkret uses bright colours to emphasize the appearance of the animals, but his works where the creatures are monochrome and almost blend into the background are particularly interesting. Here, the shadows created by the scale-like layers of surface are emphasized.


The female faces in Shkret’s gallery are perhaps the most detailed, with blush shading on the cheeks, and tendrils of hair rendered so that they cross over and intertwine with each other.  

A digitally rendered image of a white-haired woman wearing a wolf peltUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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