Colour and Clean Lines: Fashion Styling by Karen Kleber

A photo of a model wearing a patterned sweater and black pantsUntitled

Karen Kleber is a New York-based fashion stylist, and she’s also our featured artist today! Karen has styled numerous clients from well-known personalities like Whoopi Goldberg and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, as well as athletes and private clients.


A promotional photo of Liza Minnelli surrounded by other performersUntitled

Karen’s styles capture the individuality of her subjects, as well as helping to emphasize the mood and tone of the photograph as a whole. In the Music gallery of her online portfolio, Karen manages to capture her client’s musical style and group dynamic through a visual medium.


In her advertising work, Karen uses fashion as a way to impart road safety reminders in a creative and eye catching manner. The artist’s fashion designs are simple but effective, using blocks of colour and clean lines, with patterned pieces acting as accents or showstoppers. Karen has and continues to work for diverse clients all around the world. 

An advertisement featuring a smartly-dressed man crossing the street with headphones onUntitled

A screen capture of the Fashion gallery on Karen Kleber's websiteFashion gallery on Karen's webpage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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