Exuberant Colours: Artwork by Jordan Dunlop

An abstract painting featuring large strokes of colour and ladder shapesHigh Rise 1.2

Jordan Dunlop’s paintings are playful and heavy with colour, and seem to revel in the process and materials of painting.


An abstract drawing with strokes of black and grey inkUntitled

Landscapes of urban gardens as well as buildings and architecture often form the basis for the layout of his works, but then Jordan works to deconstruct these familiar images until only the barest hint of a structure remains in the finished work.


A screen capture of Jordan Dunlop's painting websiteJordan's paintings on his website

His drawings mimic his paintings interestingly – many of them could almost be black and white photos of a painting in progress, and these give the viewer an interesting glimpse into the technical aspects of the work, when the exuberant colours have been removed. Made with permanent marker on paper, the places where the ink bleeds through become another, equal but opposite drawing on the other side of the page, essentially offering the viewer two different perspectives on the work. 

An abstract painting with images of brick structures and chain linkThe Nothing

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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