Domestic Photographs by Madi Chambers

A photograph with a chair, orange drapes, and yellow yarnOrgans

Our featured artist today is Madi Chambers. Madi is currently based in Ontario, where she makes photographs that meditate on domestic spaces.


A photo of an unmarked building on a relatively deserted streetUntitled

These domestic photographs are quiet and seem peaceful in way, as if they are simply contemplating their interior views. Objects – yarn, and a Christmas tree, in two photos – are deliberately posed to have a different interaction with the space than they normally would. For example, yarn which would normally sit quietly, hidden away in a basket, is strewn over the floor and seems to engulf a chair, the only object in the room.


A screen capture of the front page of Madi Chambers'

Madi’s Move series captures a similar mood, with photos of unnamed places and scenes that collectively create a sense of forward momentum and change. More of Madi’s works, as well as her set stills and creative journal can be found on her website at 


A black and white photo of some waffles on a tableUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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