Illustrative Images by Kim Fujiwara

An oil painting of a woman in a red old fashioned dressedJosephine in Red, oil

Kim Fujiwara, our featured artist today, originally worked as an illustrator and is now a painter in his artistic practice. Kim’s artistic prowess certainly shows in his figurative paintings. His illustrative images are beautifully rendered, and I think they’d be equally at home in an art gallery or on the covers of science fiction or fantasy novels.


An oil painting of a cattle drive on the American prairiesCattle Drive, oil

Kim paints a variety of subjects, including historical scenes depicting the American old west, landscapes, still life, and portraits of models. The artist’s oil painted portraits of various celebrities and personal friends are clean and soft with incredible attention to detail. On Kim’s online portfolio the artist also shows some pencil sketches and watercolour portraits. These works have a different feel to them, but are just as skillfully created. It’s nice to see an artist working in different mediums, and the change in aesthetic qualities that each different medium affords. 


A screen capture of the front page of Kim Fujiwara's websiteThe front page of Kim's website

A portrait created using pencil crayons and coloured washChristina, coloured pencil and wash

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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