Experimental Photography by L.M. Braun

A manipulated photograph mimicking the look of photographic negativesThe Divergence of Belief and Intent, digitized film

Luis Braun, a.k.a. L.M. Braun is a Vancouver-based photographer who specializes in experimental photography and photo-manipulation.


Luis’ portfolio includes nature and outdoor photography, portraits and photographic projects. His manipulations favor sepia-toned photo collages and photographic negatives. The artist’s Portraits gallery is filled with lovely and very expressive photographs of people in both candid and posed positions, at various events. As an event photographer, Luis does a great job of capturing the mood and emotion of a scene.

An infrared photograph of a tree in darknessDark Tree, digital infrared image

I particularly enjoy Luis’ (Near -) Monochrome gallery, where he shows off his skill at landscape and nature photography, capturing interesting places and spaces with just enough contrast to show detail, while still creating a subdued and mysterious overall image. It’s interesting to look at these in comparison to his other nature photos, where he seems to celebrate sunlight and the bright colours of various flowers and plants.


A close up photo of pink flowers and leavesPink Flowers, digital image

A front page screen capture of L.M. Braun's photography websiteLuis' photography website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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