Model and Magazine Photography by Bill Westmoreland

A portrait photograph of a musician dressed in blackUntitled

Bill Westmoreland is an artist who specializes in film and photography as well as makeup and hair design. Bill has built a career on model and magazine photography, and his work has appeared in commercials, videos, CD covers, as well as his own makeup book.

A photograph of artist Ross Brodar in front of a wall muralRoss Brodar, artist, for Raw Vision Magazine


I love the way Bill plays with different moods. He captures movement well – his model photos are often quite dynamic, though he is still able to get a beautiful amount of depth and interest from a static shot.


I also like browsing the artist’s Portraits gallery. The photos are often accompanied by the name and occupation of the model, and it’s interesting to see Bill incorporate individual personalities into the photos. Artists are shot next to their work, musicians according to the tone of their songs, there are even a few fitness trainers in dark, serious lighting. In his personal practice, Bill is currently working on a series of abstract landscape photographs, which can be viewed in the Personal gallery on his portfolio. 


An abstracted photograph of the view from the window of a moving carDrive By 10

A screen capture of Bill Westmoreland's websiteThe front page of Bill's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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