Digitally Influenced Paintings by Amber MacGregor

A painting of a face repeated in a kaleidoscope pattern across the canvasWhat We Allow is What Will Continue, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today is Amber MacGregor! Amber creates kaleidoscopic, digitally influenced paintings of people and moons.


A view of the Moon Portraits gallery on Amber MacGregor's websiteAmber's Moon Portraits gallery

Some of Amber's works are digitally altered photographs of original paintings by Amber, while others appear to be painted using the digital alteration as a reference. The result is an otherworldly version of a portrait that turns its subject into a strange pattern or scientific study.

An acrylic painting of the moonMoon Portrait 2, acrylic on deep stretched linen

I also love Amber’s moon paintings. On the surface, these are deceptively simple, but each of these moons has a wonderful amount of detail put into the surface of the sphere, showing craters, scratches, and changes in the reflection of sunlight. Some of these are slightly abstracted or graphic, while others aim for smooth realism. Amber collectively calls these paintings Moon Portraits, which is a charming way to add some personality to the moon. View these portraits and more on Amber’s website:

A digitally altered photograph of a painting of the moonStar Moon, digitally altered photograph of an original painting

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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