Physical and Emotional Spaces: Art by Amie T. Rangel

A drawing of a run-down cottage dwelling on a hillDown Below and Around the Corner, graphite, charcoal, chalk, pastel, ink and acrylic paint on paper

Amie T. Rangel, our featured artist for today, creates artworks that explore physical and emotional spaces though drawing, mixed media, and occasionally text.


A hand coloured lithograph featuring pig's feet as a comment on agricultural industryWhat Orkney Abandoned Alberta Endures, hand-coloured lithograph

Amie is particularly fascinated by apartments and agricultural and research facilities. Her drawings of buildings often adopt different styles according to the subject matter, and come together to create a haunting yet scientific document of a specific place. I find this especially effective in pieces such as The Hatchery series, where the building in question is an abandoned hangar, empty except for unspecific detritus and things falling apart.

An artist's book about childhood designed as a folding pamphlet with insertsSurviving Childhood, found book cover, lithographs, screen print and pen on paper

In her series, Growing and Finishing, the motif of a pig appears in each work, sometimes partially, and sometimes the subject of a complete and simple drawing. The work again combines different styles and approaches into a cohesive whole, which in this case seems to be a cryptic comment on agriculture and livestock practices. 

A screen capture of Amie T. Rangel's art websiteDwellings on Amie's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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