Installations in Natural Spaces by Tania Willard

A photo of an outdoor installation with a pound or hashtag symbol spray painted on the ground#BUSH, land marking spray paint on land

Our featured artist today is Tania Willard. Tania works in various media and also has a notable curatorial practice. Her works explore First Nations identity, recently using installations in natural spaces to address critical issues.


A fabric and chalk artwork featuring a highly stylized mask

Simluations, acrylic and chalk on printed cotton fabric

Tania’s ongoing collaborative work Bush Gallery explores an outdoor space through the lens of media tropes that seem to express “settler’s guilt.” Many of the installations reference the aesthetics of industry and construction, with neon surveyor’s tape wrapped around antlers, or bright orange spray paint applied directly to the ground. The result is jarring and critical, with an almost-humorous edge.


A photograph of a figure covered in a blanket standing in an open field#haunted_hunted

The artist has also worked with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation to bring a natural intervention to Stanley Park, in which a braid of natural materials and fabric was hung on a cedar tree and left to the elements. Tania has held a number of artistic and curatorial residencies in BC, and is currently Curator in Residence at the Kamloops Art Gallery.


The front page Tanya Willard's aart websiteThe front page of Tanya's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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