Colourful Contour Lines: Paintings by Melvin Clark

A colourful, stylized side-profile portrait of Lester YoungLester Young, oil on canvas

Born in Detroit and now living in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Melvin Clark is a painter who uses colourful contour lines to imbue his paintings with movement and sound.


The gallery of abstract paintings on Melvin Clark's websiteMelvin's abstract works on his porfolio website

Melvin’s geometric patterned abstracts use beautifully clean lines where the shapes seem to overlap and create new spaces of colour. His portraits use contour lines to add an interesting element of colour and volume to already very expressive images. The shape of the subject’s head is often echoed outward in lines of colour, which seems to amplify their presence. This also works well in Melvin’s music portraits, where the sound lines seem like the vibrations coming from an instrument, and you can almost hear the song that’s being played!


A heavily stylized still life painting of a vase, sculpture and other objects on a tableUntitled

I find Melvin’ Symbolism series quite intriguing – once again using his expressive contour style, the artist creates still life images that feature other artworks – often traditional African sculptures, or paintings often showing a subject that echoes the surrounding objects. 

A stylized painting of a jazz musician playing the saxaphoneUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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