Portraits of Children by Izzy Vera

A charcoal portrait of a young boy laughingUntitled Boy, charcoal

Our featured artist today is Izzy Vera. Izzy works in charcoal, chalk pastel and oil paint to turn children's imaginations into reality as detailed and realistic paintings, occasionally with a surreal edge.


A painting featuring a child's depiction of grown-up lifeWhen I Grow Up

Many of her works feature portraits of children, and the sometimes dream-like quality of the subject matter seems to suggest the boundless imagination of childhood. The artist’s website at www.izzyvera.com also features installation views of some of her most recent works in a restaurant. It’s also nice to be able to read some happy testimonials from commission clients in Izzy’s Endorsements section.


The charcoal portraits gallery on Izzy Vera's website

Technically Izzy is quite skilled, especially using often tricky mediums such as chalk and charcoal. She captures expressions very well and focuses on the face, and her black and white portraits are particularly striking. Many of these black and white portraits are of Nepali orphans, whom Izzy has worked to help support. 


A chalk pastel drawing of a dinner party in a surreal landscapeDinner Party, colour pastels

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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