Beads, Lace, and Feathers: Installations by Bogdan Cheta

A photo of an installation featuring a space packed with small objects of kitschHAIR Grows, installation view

Bogdan Cheta currently lives and works in Calgary, Alberta. He practices installation and performance art, often using vast collections of small found objects to create installations and sculptures that look like bird’s nests composed of discarded jewelry and beads, lace, and feathers, among other things.


A close up installation photo of a number of dark-coloured objects hung from a wallNIGHT of the Jaguar, installation view

Bogdan’s works are highly conceptual in nature and each set of installation or documentary photographs is usually accompanied with writings by the artist. I like that Bogdan includes his written thoughts on his art webpage, allowing viewers a glimpse into the organized chaos that goes into producing each work.


Be What You Want/ a shared SEARCH, installation video


Much of Bogdan’s practice references habits of building and collecting that he picked up in his childhood. It’s interesting to view a practice that is so biographical, yet at the same time so cryptic. These works will certainly please anyone with even slight magpie and hoarding tendencies!


A screen capture of the front page of Bogdan Cheta's websiteThe front page of Bogdan's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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