Participative and Public Artworks by Bronagh Corr

A sofa made entirely from books adhered to each otherAMH Book Sofa

Bronagh Corr currently lives and works in Derry, Ireland. There she creates participative and public artworks, as well as photography, print and painting.


Much of Bronagh’s work is slightly mysterious with an obvious appreciation for texture and subdued colours. In one series, poetic collages of images with snippets of text that seem to both describe the image and remain completely separate from it. Her photographs feature close ups of plants and other nature subjects, as well as a gallery of images that seem to emulate famous photos of old Hollywood.

A photograph of a snail sitting on a similarly shaped plantSnail Copy, photograph

Bonagh has also worked together with mental health and senior’s organizations to bring art to lots of people that can benefit from it. In one such product, she worked together with patients at Action Mental Health in Derry to build a sofa made entirely from books. For these and more works, visit Bronagh’s website at 


A front page screen capture of Bronagh Corr's websiteBronagh's website front page

An oil painting of a clouded moonlit skyDark Moon, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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