Studio Sunday: Miguel Conde

A photo of Miguel Conde painting in his Madrid studio


Today’s Studio Sunday feature is Miguel Conde. Conde was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now lives and works in Spain. He is noted as a figurative painter, printmaker and etcher.


Conde’s studio appears quite utilitarian. I enjoy the way every wall is completely obscured by paintings – stacked on top of each other in some cases. The studio has interesting tile floors and a big drawing table that for the artist to work on drafting, etching, or drawn elements of his paintings. I can see one or two jars stuffed with well-used paint brushes, but other than that this studio is quite simplistic and tidy. This artist must prefer to work in a neatly organized space.


Conde’s paintings often include elements of drawing and are always figurative. The artist has said in interviews that he does not do sketches or studios for his works, so there aren’t many smaller works visible in the image. He appears to be working on a drawing in this photo.


The artist splits his time between Madrid and Stiges, Spain, and has a home and studio in each of these locations. The above photo is from his Madrid workspace. The 75-year-old Conde’s paintings have appeared in countless exhibitions all over the world, and he has works in the MOMA private collection, as well as in the Art Institute of Chicago and the Smithsonian Museum. 

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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