Colourful, Bulbous Sculptures by Elyse Graham

A synthetic sculpture made to look like a geode with bright glossy insidesVoid #16, latex and urethane

Elyse Graham lives in Los Angeles, California, where she creates her colourful, bulbous sculptures made from latex, urethane and other synthetic materials.


Graham’s most recent project, her Geodes, is a series of brightly coloured geodes that have been made from layers of coloured latex and urethane, occasionally incorporating other ingredients such as plaster and sand. These sculptures are like fantasy versions of the real thing, with glossy insides that are reminiscent of jawbreakers. On her website, Graham offers a video which shows her process for making vases. She fills balloons with plaster, coating the inside of the balloon to create a round, hollow plaster form. 


A black, bulbous sculpture made from latex and adhesive
Cluster #2, latex and adhesive


The artist also uses a similar process and materials to create jewelry – hanging clusters of balloon-like forms become dangly earrings, and metal bangles dipped in coloured latex look like paint splatters that you can wear. 


A set of 6 bangle bracelets coated in drips of coloured latexDrip Bracelets, urethane and metal

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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