Ambient Soundscapes and Visuals by Erin Rae

A photograph of a deserted street at nightUntitled

Our featured artist today is Erin Rae. Erin is a photographer, painter and video artist who creates ambient soundscapes and visuals using these mediums.


An abstract diptych creates with blobs of neutral-coloured paintArrakis

Erin’s photographs tend to feature city streets, shop fronts, sections of seawall and other elements of urbanity that are all depicted as eerily deserted. It’s intriguing how Erin keeps her photographs almost entirely devoid of human figures, and adds an element of conceptual depth to relatively straightforward photograph style.


The shape of the bush strokes seems to be the focus of many of her paintings, which are abstract but seem to take on shapes reminiscent of what one might see in ink blots. Each is made up of bulbous forms of paint that may have been created with a brush, or dropped or pressed onto the surface. Erin’s video works are highly abstract in nature, but she creates meditative, almost soothing experiences using pulsing colour and low, droning sound.


A screen capture of photographs on Erin Rae's art websiteThe photography gallery on Erin's website

The Future Now 2.0

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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