Frenetic Lines: Paintings by Karine Molloy

A bright painting composed of overlapping three-dimensional lines and yellow tonesPiece 10, mixed media

Influenced by many different types of artwork over her lifetime including writing and theatre. That enthusiasm for all forms of art seem evident in her painted works. Frenetic lines and splashes of colour rule Karine’s art. Each piece is imbued with an incredible sense of movement and energy.


An abstract painting created using only black and primary coloured paintUntitled

I’m really taken by Karine’s most recent works, where she seems to channel Piet Mondrian through the use of bright primary colours divided by thick black lines. These paintings manage to retain the splashy energy that is evident in much of the artist’s work, while taking on a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Each painting seems to have a definite personality and individuality to it, while existing in a series.


Karine also creates works on paper and has dabbled in sculpture. I’m impressed with the way she brings the tangled lines of her paintings into her sculpted works, using string and twisted branches to emulate the shapes. 


An abstract painting on paper with neutral colours, circles, and linesUntitled, ink, pastel and acrylic on Fabriano paper

A screen capture of Karine Molloy's painting wesbiteKarine's webpage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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