Nostalgic Collections: Art by Olga de Klein

A mixed media work on wood panel with a strand  of yarn trailing below itRhizome 1, mixed media on wood panel

Today we’re featuring the artwork of Olga de Klein! Olga frequently works in collage and mixed media, creating nostalgic collections of detritus, small trinkets and photographs.


A photo of two young women laughing incorporated into a mixed media workBloemendaal, mixed media on wood panel

These collage works have a delicate beauty and mystery to them, which is in fitting with the rest of Olga’s body of work. The artist also paints, working in both oil and acrylic. Abstracted oil works depicting pastel-coloured geometric patterns are oddly at home amongst her other works. Olga’s Shoe Series of acrylic paintings also ties into the fragmented nature of the rest of the work – we are left guessing at the true nature of the subject, after being given only a small view of a larger whole.


The mixed media gallery on Olga de Klein's websiteOlga's gallery of recent artworks

Olga Has also created public artwork in the form of knitted or woven installations. Check out more of her mixed media and painted works at


An outdoor yarn mural of a colourful trolleyTrolley 2013, yarn and paint

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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