Darkly Humorous Collages by Serena Stevens

A collage of a doll, a glass of milk, and a page from a book among other imagesDon't Want Anymore

Serena Stevens is a painter and collage artist who currently lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Serena’s paintings mimic collages, juxtaposing black and white images and settings with bright coloured figures and backgrounds. Each image seems to be based in several different eras at once, where elements of everyday life come together with unexpected consequences.


Two collaged and painted images of old women in various environmentsWith Age, oil and collage on panel

I find Serena’s choice of images quite engaging. She incorporates some elements of kitsch such as old children’s toys and pink lawn flamingos, adding them to what might be old family photos and clippings from pornographic magazines. There is a loving yet slightly sarcastic tone to many of Serena's darkly humorous collages, especially where she addresses the supposed innocence of childhood, and possible catastrophic elements behind banal, everyday occurrences.

A painting of two pink flamingos in front of a grey and rainy sceneVacation, oil on linen

Serena’s collages, mixed media works and paintings can be viewed on her website at www.serenastevensart.com. 


A front page screen capture of Serena Stevens' websiteSerena's website, serenastevensart.com

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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