Film Landscapes by Sonya Stefan

Black Givre & Sonya Stefan, AV performance


Our featured artist today is Sonya Stefan. Sonya is a dance, media and performance artist and is currently completing her MFA at Montreal’s Concordia University.


Sonya creates a variety of media in her practice, including documentary films, video installations, and digital images. As a co-founder of Montreal-based art collective Groop Index, Sonya’s works are frequently collaborative. An example is a recent “cine-performance” where she worked with sound artist Sam Bobony (also known as Black Givre.) In this work, Sonya created a series of flickering, abstract film landscapes to accompany an improvisational soundtrack.


A fragment of a found film reel, with an image of a young girl playingTwo-Hour Film

Trained in dance, Sonya has also choreographed a number of dance performances, including a recent performance in relation to Groop Index’s documentary film, Living Room Dances Kitchen Series, which focused on the experiences of professional dancers. More of Sonya’s works in all media are available on her website,


A glitch work featuring a number of squares on a blue backgroundApril/13/Pets Watch Good Workout for Dance

A screen capture of the front page of Sonya Stefan's websiteSonya's website front page

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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