Repetition of Form: Paintings by Ben Stansfield

A purple and blue abstract painting with many tiny rectanglesCilia, oil on panel

Let’s have a look at the paintings of Ben Stansfield! Ben uses a very specialized painting method based on repetition of form. He creates abstract and figurative images using many duplicates of a small, clean rectangular shape in different colours.


An abstracted painting of an aerial view of a city, in grey and red tonesRed Bridges, oil and acrylic on panel

Ben’s dense paintings are sometimes reminiscent of impressionist styles of artwork wherein many small markings, whether brush strokes or dots, make up a bigger picture. Ben’s works are primarily abstract, but in his Towns and Cities series he uses his unique method of repetition to create aerial views of the namesake subject matter. In these paintings he combines blocks of colour with thin painted sketch lines, varying the shade and tone of his chosen colour just enough to create a cohesive shape that has depth and topography.


Looking at Ben’s paintings on, it almost seems like these little rectangles have a personality of their own, coming together in communities to form an image. 

An aerial view of a yellow cityOrchard 3, oil on  panel

The Confetti painting gallery on Ben Stansfield's websiteBen's gallery of Confetti paintings

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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