Tranquil, Hazy Landscapes by Robin Street-Morris

A bright blue, blurred seascape paintingFata Morgana I, watercolour and soft pastel on 300 lb cold press paper

Robin Street-Morris, our featured artist of the day, creates tranquil, hazy landscapes using watercolours and pastels. Robin’s landscapes express remote, secluded regions while attempting to remove human presence and interference.


The Landscapes I gallery on Robin Street-Morris' art webpaageRobin's Landscapes I  gallery

I like the way that Robin reduces each image down to its most basic shapes and colours. Each watercolour painting is the kind of dreamlike recollection of a place that one has many years after visiting it. Robin works in highly diluted watercolour and pastel, using overlapping washes to achieve a soft, fuzzy effect without losing the intensity of the colours. Many of her paintings also feature tiny points of pale light, acting as a human presence in the wilderness.


A painting of a crow flying over an estuary at duskUnbounded (Crow Over Tijuana Estuary), transparent watercolour, metallic gouache, soft pastel on 300 lb cold press paper

Most of Robin’s images are of seascapes or forests. The two galleries on her website,, each represent a different kind of landscape – bright, sunlit woods and beaches, while the other gallery showcases evening landscapes. Robin’s technique is well-suited to either set of scenery. 


A hazy watercolour painting of a canyon at nightLos Penasquitos Canyon II, watercolour on 300 lb cold press paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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